Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Can we get 40% participation in the Run to Fund?  It's local, it supports our district, and its a fun way to be healthy! Sign up for the one mile fun run, the 5k or the 10k at  Coppell Ed Foundation for the run on Saturday, May 11.  

You can also register for the Run for Life 5K, benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, at Andy Brown on May 18 at 8am.  Sign up with Coach Farris in the field house or in Mrs. Henson's room (C213). 


  1. I ran the Run to Fund 10k race this past weekend. It was a lot of fun for me! It was my first 10k race I have done. I thought that this race was done very well and very organized. I felt very supported during the race and people across the course were cheering for me to run faster and also it was great to have those water stops for the race. Anyone who wants to run a 10k of 5k should do this race in the future! This race really has encouraged me to run these farther distances!

  2. I participated in the 5K run and I had an amazing time there. The conditions were perfect for running with the weather not being too hot nor too cold and the humidity level was relatively low compared to normal Texas humidity. The course was really easy to follow for those who ran the 5K, especially for me since I am a resident of Coppell. This is the second 5K I have participated in this year and I would say that this run was much more enjoyable for me. The reason being that the weather was great and also because I had people there I knew that I could enjoy the experience with. The only complaint that I can think of is that there were no pancakes, but I feel like that is because the football kids took them all. I would highly recommend this run to anyone that lives in the Coppell area because of it's friendly atmosphere and simple processes.

  3. I ran my first 5k last weekend. It was tough for me because I haven't ran a mile since my sophomore year of varsity basketball practice. When I finished the run, I felt like I had cement on my feet. Other than that, the run was amazing. The best part about the race was probably after the race, when I went in the bounce house (I later found that it was only for little kids). My experience at the Run to Fund was wonderful. In the future, I will try to run more 5k and maybe a 10k.

  4. I participated in the Run to Fund 5k this past weekend and surprisingly enjoyed it. My lacrosse season ended about a month ago, so I'm not in the best shape of my life, but the 5k really challenged me to push my limits and finish strong. Typically, I find it pretty difficult to run outside but the large amount of support that people gave the runners really helped! Kids and parents alike lined the sidewalks and cheered everyone on as we ran by, which helped keep me focused and motivated. It was an overall great experience because I felt like I got a good workout, and helped out in my community at the same time. And later that night, I found out that I won first place in my division which just made it that much more rewarding. I definitely hope to run more 5ks soon.

  5. I ran the 5k on Saturday and it was fun to go out with the rest of Coppell and support the city. The course was easier than I expected but I was surprised to see middle school aged kids staying out front for the whole race. I also thought it was cool that the football team was there to represent too. The weather was nice and I liked that so many people participated in it!

  6. I ran in the Run to Fund this past weekend and surprisingly enjoyed it. This was my only my second 5K I have ever ran and thought this was more fun than the other one. I thought the run was very organized and was put on well. It was very encouraging to see people the whole run cheering me on. I think this was a great run and am looking forward to doing it again in the future.

  7. I attended the Run to Fund playing with the band and it was a neat experience! I thought it was great how the community came together to help support CISD and runners looked like they were having fun and that the Run to Fund sponsers had created a great atmosphere.

  8. A couple weeks ago I ran in the FOAM FEST AND MUD RUN in Arlington. I'm very proud to have ran the entire thing without giving up to walk. Mostly I accredit this to the fact that it was like no other 5K I have ever experienced- with not just a crazy, dirty course but its awesome participants as well.

    When we first arrived for the 10 AM start, there was already a packed crowd at the beginning of the route (which was marked by a huge wall of ever accumulating bubbles) Full of excitement and almost child-like behavior, we were sooo ready to take off into the foam cloud before us.
    And finally, at the siren, we set off!
    First through the bubble heap, and into the woods we went. After the forest trail, we emerged to find two military grade climbing walls to challenge our upper-body strength.
    Once we made it over, we made it to a river, in which there was a great bridge of floating tubes tied up together for us to cross- try doing that with the other 30 people around you!
    Plunging into the water, I eventually got through with soaking wet clothes and everything. Just around the bend, we encountered a couple slip and slides with tons of bubbles to splash into.
    Then the craziest part came next- THE MUD CRAWL. No, this wasn't any old mud crawl. We had 30 feet of thick, sludgy muck to slide through and just inches above were ropes of electrical current to shock you into submission. I was too low to ever touch it thank goodness!
    After that scare, we headed back into the woods with 15 extra pounds of mud coating us and climbed a giant 20 feet rope wall- I was totally freaked out at the top- but I got over it with a little time.
    Back onto the jogging path in the woods we went through a series of tight ropes to depict lasers. By this point, I really felt like a spy, haha.
    Onward we went in the course, playing our way through a few more bubble obstacles and over yet another two rivers.
    Finally came the ultimate part: the 45 foot DEATH DROP slide. When you first push off over the edge- oh my goodness- it's all air!
    Then you crash down into- well, you guessed it- bubbles.

    Over all, I really enjoyed this 5K and I feel like it has been the most fun I've participated in. The people where fun and happy to get wet and dirty... which, I have to say, afterwards, I have NEVER wanted a bath more in my life!
    This is something I would definitely love do again next year.

  9. The run to fund was a lot of fun, the course was a little different this year, but change is good. I didn't know that the needed to block off that much road, but safety first I guess? But other than that it was nice being number one overall male, solid effort be everyone there, but no one was able to take my crown. Still it was a lot of fun and I'll probably come back next year for the three-peat.

  10. I ran in the Coppell Run to Fund 5k on Saturday. It was a really cool experience to see so many of Coppell’s citizens coming together for a great cause and to promote a healthy lifestyle. This is the second 5k that I have run and I was very impressed with how organized it was and how at every point there was someone to encouraging you to finish the race. I will definitely be signing up for more 5k’s in the future or possibly attempting a 10k.

  11. This past weekend I ran the Run for Life 5k. This race was ran very well by the Juniors involved. Despite the hot and muggy weather, I was very impressed by the overall function of the 5k race. I did not feel any confusion on where I was going on the run. It was a great cause and also it was very cool that they were able to get over 5000 dollars to donate to the Suicide Prevention group. I hope that this 5k is done again and I would recommend this 5k for anyone who does not want to do a big race, but still have enough people to be competitive within Coppell.